Getting IT Right

Know Technology Professional Services provides end-to-end IT solutions that can help your business implement the most effective and cost-efficient technology for today’s tasks—while preparing for emerging technologies that will sustain your organization in the future.

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IT Professional Services

Our Professional Services fall into four categories:

We begin here, evaluating your IT infrastructure and then helping you plan for modifications and editions that will optimize your IT operations...  more

The Cloud and Business Communications/Collaboration
Cloud-based solutions—which use the Internet to store data, provide online applications and services, and even run entire business processes—are an increasingly important component of IT planning.  Know Technology has expertise in identifying opportunities for cloud-based solutions... more

Virtualization and Systems Management
At Know Technology we are experts in virtualization technology, which allows you to run more processes, applications, and storage repositories on the same server hardware, thereby stretching your IT investments.

Know Technology can also help you with your systems management...   more

Security and Risk Management:
Using industry certified consultants, we perform PCI compliance assessments, physical and on-line security and risk assessments, and security planning and policy development services... more

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