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Benefits of IT Managed Services Outweigh Costs


For most businesses IT investments can become more of a burden than a benefit.  Return on investment can be difficult to manage, and resources (whether they are system, network, or human) can be hard to acquire and maintain.

iStock 000018160050XSmallAs an alternative to staff augmentation or systems purchases, many businesses have turned to IT managed services as a viable solution for their technology needs.  With the added sophistication that many managed services providers have today, there are solid quantifiable reasons to consider IT managed services for your business.

Staff augmentation has many additional costs associated including ongoing training, benefits, and attrition rates.  With IT managed services these issues are all absorbed by the provider with a service level agreement (SLA) to insure you will receive consistent support.

System upgrades, troubleshooting, support and routine maintenance can be a burden for in-house staff.  IT managed services, on the other hand, can take on these issues without interruption to other important technology projects for your business.

Service providers can provide a variety of metrics and reports to allow the business to determine the return on investment for the services.  From downtime and performance reports to forecasting for upgrades or larger networks, IT managed service providers have the ability to help a business with cost justification for virtually any IT expenditures.

Since the inception of outsourcing and managed services, the processes that are used have become highly reliable and sustainable.  An IT managed services provider can connect to your business regardless of the location or technology and provide gratifying services that keep your business running.

The numbers do not lie.  In a recent study published by CompTIA regarding Trends in Managed Services, 46 percent of firms have trimmed their annual IT expenditures by 25 percent or more??   This is a significant benefit that no business should ignore.  The study also notes that even if a business utilizes IT managed services on just a small scale, there are distinguishable benefits. 

One important key to partnering with an IT managed service provider is to find a company who will work in tangent with your business and align itself to your business needs and objectives.  The agreement should include performance metrics and service level agreements that will meet the company?s needs without taxing the budget to an extreme.  Also frequent status reports reflecting issues and provider performance should be reviewed with the provider.  With the right partnership and frequent communication, your business can also leverage the power of IT managed services.


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